Co-Instructor: Mark Zachos, Yuan Zou

Teaching assistant: Lu Ziwei(2016 Fall)

Teaching assistant: Yang Qingkai, Chen Chang, Liu Chao, Kong Zhehui(2015 Fall)

Teaching assistant: Wu Bing, Zhao Yingying(2014 Fall)

Teaching assistant: Gaoo Wei (2013 Fall)


The architecture and programming for the simple single-chip. Several hands-on practices are offered.


Agenda for 2016 Fall.

Instructor: Mark Zachos (University of Michigan), Yuan Zou (BIT)

Lecture location: Zhongguancun Campus, Teaching Building 1, Level 4, Ground Mobility Experimental Teaching Center.

Location (Theoretical teaching): Computer lab in 4th floor of Teaching Building 1.

Location (Hands on): Room 419, Room 431 (3 students per group, Battery should be prepared by the attendants).






Embedded board with multiple functions




Small cart will be controlled by students


Intelligent Car Design Embedded system design(Click to play)

Track the black line experiment video(Click to play)


Hands-on labs will be arranged several times in the afternoon based on the actual condition.

Lecture materials and notes can be downloaded.


0. Pre-LAB 1

1. Introduction to PIC

2. Embedded_C

3. Comparator and A_to_D

4. PIC16_I_O_Ports

5. Hands_on_embedded_systems

6. BIT Introduction-lecture-1

7. BIT Introduction-lecture-0.part1 BIT Introduction-lecture-0.part2

8. Embedded_C

9. Practice Lab Work 1

10. Timers


12. LAB 3


14. LAB_4

15. LAB_5