Thrust 1:Optimal sizing and control for the hybrid powertrains of ground vehicles

Optimal control theories, including dynamic programming, Pontryagin's minimum principle, and the combine optimization for sizing and control have been applied in hybrid powertrain optimal design and control. However, the further investigations for adaptive or learning-based control and the efficient modeling and computation for the combined optimal design for hybrid powertrain are deserved. 



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Thrust 2:Lithium-ion battery modeling and identification

The understanding for the lithium-ion battery dynamics plays an important role in electric vehicles. The power capacity and reliability constrain the power supply from battery. Lithium-ion battery is often taken as ‘grey box’ or ‘black box’. Modeling and identification is a promising way to find out more information from the history data from the battery testing.



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Thrust 3: Connected & Electrified vehicle operation and coupling with grid and transportation

Electrified vehicles rsequire the infrastructure and on-board electricity storage device normally. When large-scale electrified vehicles are applied, some new characteristics and dynamic process will be incurred. This comlicated dynamics consist of multiple time scale super system, such as electric cars in the tranportations, metro systems and railway system. More investigation into the system level efficiency analysis and advacne control is required.

Connected & Electrified vehicle is promising to improve the system safety and efficiency of the automove-based transporation system and thus deserves the investigation.


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